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At Nala, we understand the energy and expenses that accompany hiring suitable candidates to match the needs of your company. You may even find yourself facing challenges where hiring processes take too long or hiring teams struggle to reach a consensus, resulting in your best candidates finding other opportunities. This is why we offer our services to help guide you through every step of the recruitment process in order to help ensure you make the best possible decision for your organization. 

Receive a steady stream of candidates based on your requirement.

Whether you’re looking for part-time, full-time, or contractual positions, we take pains to carefully select a candidate that meets your standards, unique requirements, as well as challenges within each specialty.

Our executive recruiters search, recruit, and present only those candidates that accurately match your requirements. This means you will no longer have to sieve through hundreds of applications that hold little to no similarities to your desired employee.

Recruit talent at a faster pace.

Our HR recruitment agency provides cost-effective, time-saving placement solutions with a combination of connections to an extensive network of HR professionals as well as a nationwide scope.

This allows us to locate and recruit candidates who fit each of your conditions precisely for positions ranging from those with extensive experiences and proven records of performances to entry-level positions.

We’re ready to meet your recruiting needs.

We employ the latest software and a wide pool of candidate resumes to provide award-winning staffing solutions in Singapore.  

Along with extensive search capabilities and proactive approaches to source the very best talents in respective fields, we also prioritize a dedication to performance, integrity, efficiency, and excellence in customer service which we strive to achieve on a daily basis. This has led us to keep returning clients and partner with new ones through the years.

Recruitment and workforce solutions with award winning results.

Since our humble beginnings in 2016, Nala Employment has garnered the attention and approval of business with our efficient and versatile services.

The awards and accolades we have received include;

HR Asia Recruitment Award for:

  • Best Recruitment Firm (BRONZE)

  • Best Recruitment Solution Provider (BRONZE)

Hr Vendor of The Year Award for:

  • Best New Recruitment Firm (GOLD)

  • Best Applicant Tracking Software (BRONZE)

Make better use of your team’s time and effort.

Here is how we can take matters into our own hands and off yours, so you can make better use of your team’s time and effort.

Personality Test for Employees

We use a variety of personality tests to learn more about a potential employee and how they will fit into a job. 

The NEO PI­R, the standard questionnaire measure of the Five Factor Model (FFM), provides a systematic assessment of emotional, interpersonal, experiential, attitudinal, and motivational styles ­ a detailed personality description that can be a valuable resource for a wide range of professionals.

Value Added Services

Our wide range of services cover all the finer details associated with even hiring foreign employees in Singapore, which includes;

  • Work visa application, renewal, cancellation, and other related matters
  • Business activity declaration
  • Airport pick­up
  • Accommodation arrangement for foreign employees
  • Employee orientation and induction courses arrangement
  • Medical insurance and work injury compensation insurance arrangement
  • Employee counselling and disciplinary handling

ICT & Soft Skills Training for Employees

We believe that self-awareness and a repertoire of technical skill sets are essential to the growth of an individual, and in response, the organization itself.

 As such, Nala provides Microsoft Office (E.g., Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Outlook, Visio, and Publisher), as well as Soft Skills Training (E.g., communication interpersonal, management, motivational, social and emotional, as well as leadership skills) for government agencies and corporate clients in Singapore.

HR Consultancy

Our strategic HR solutions will not only help you reduce your cost of hiring individual employees, but also help save the valuable time and resources used to train as well as develop them in-house so that you can better utilize these efforts in the development of your core business.

HR Management System

Our tried­-and­-true HR management software can help your organization develop its HR function and instill a structured, healthy culture that is finely-honed to your corporate’s needs as well as goals. Rest assured that our capable and experienced team will also ensure these customized solutions benefit both employees as well as managers.

Hostel Services in JB Malaysia

Our premium hostel management services in JB Malaysia, tailored to redefine your employee accommodation experience. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to seamless travel. Our exclusive transport services ensure a hassle-free journey to immigration checkpoints, offering unparalleled convenience for the employee that commute daily.

Beware of fraudulent activities involving fake recruiters from NalaEmployment asking for sensitive information or money transfers. Do not respond or engage in transactions with such individuals. For any concerns, contact us at 65150250.