Work Permit Application Services in Singapore

With a thriving economy and lucrative career opportunities, Singapore attracts foreign workers from all over the world. Companies in Singapore are also looking for talents from different countries to establish a strong workforce that can help their business grow. With the increase in businesses hiring foreign workers in Singapore, work permit applications are also rising. If you are a company planning to apply for work permits for your overseas staffing, getting a reliable foreign worker agency can help cut down your time, effort, and costs in completing all the requirements and forms for a work permit.

What is a Work Permit in Singapore?


A work permit in Singapore is issued to basic or semi-skilled foreign workers who intend to work in the various industries in Singapore. These sectors include the construction, marine shipyard, manufacturing, and processes or services industries. Work permits are usually issued by companies that hire Malaysian workers in Singapore. However, non-Malaysian workers are also welcome to apply for a foreign worker permit if they come from a Singapore-approved source country. Work permits are generally issued for those who want to work or are hired for jobs that have entry-level or junior positions.

Work permit requirements vary by the sector. In general, to qualify for work permit application, your foreign workers need to meet these criteria:

  • Must have a valid passport
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must possess the qualifications for the job as documented and evidenced from accredited institutions
  • Must only work for one employer and within the parameters of the job

What are the Requirements for a Work Permit Application in Singapore?


Aside from the criteria stated above, companies that hire foreign workers also need to meet specific requirements to proceed with their work permit application. 

A foreign worker levy or simply levy is a way to regulate the number of work permit holders in Singapore. The industry quota may limit companies that employ foreign workers with valid work permits. Said companies must pay a monthly levy for each work permit holder. The levy rate will generally depend on the foreign worker’s skills and the number of work permit holders the company hires. The levy rate may also depend on the industry to which the foreign worker belongs.

Companies are also required to provide their foreign workers with free medical insurance. Employers hiring work permit holders staying in dormitories or working in the construction, marine shipyard, and process or CMP sectors are also required to purchase the Primary Care Plan or PCP.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, foreign workers with valid work permits didn’t have access to affordable and accessible healthcare services near their workplaces and residences. The PCP became a solution to bridge the gaps in the foreign workers’ medical and healthcare services. Through PCP, foreign workers can now avail healthcare services such as health screening, medical consultations, examinations, and treatments for acute and chronic conditions.

Once the employers comply with these requirements, they’ll be eligible to apply for work permits for their foreign talents.

How Can I Apply for a Work Permit in Singapore?


Companies hiring foreign workers must apply for work permits on behalf of their employees. However, the work permit application process may be overwhelming, especially if the company has too much on its plate. Seeking assistance from a trusted foreign worker agency that offers work permit application services can help your company save time and effort in completing the necessary paperwork and complying with the requirements to apply for foreign worker permits.

Nala Employment can assist you with the work permit application process. From supplying you with pre-application information to helping you organise the final details for the work permit issuance, we will guide you through each step.

How Long Does it Take for a Work Permit to be Approved in Singapore?

The Approval of work permit applications usually takes one week. However, there are instances when it may take up to three weeks during instances when supplemental information about the staff is required. MOM also placed more security and verification measures for checking work permit applications. These stringent cross-checking measures help companies employ the right foreign workers and adopt fair work and employment practices.

How Long Can a Work Permit Holder Work in Singapore?

If you are a foreign worker with a valid working permit in Singapore, you can work in the country for two years. However, it is subject to your passport’s validity, employment period, and the Insurance/Banker’s guarantee, whichever period or basis is shorter. You will only be permitted to work for your employer and in the designated profession as stated in your contract if you have a valid work permit. 

Apply for Work Permits with Nala Employment

If your company needs an employment agency that is knowledgeable in the process of applying for foreign worker permits, you don’t have to look any further. At Nala Employment, we make work permit applications easier. From the documentation to the issuance of the permits, our team of experts will help you during the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Singapore Work Permit Application

S-Pass is issued for mid-level technical foreign workers earning a monthly salary of SGD3,000. Work permits are issued to semi-skilled foreign workers with no minimum salary requirements. S-Pass holders can eventually apply for a Dependent’s Pass to bring their immediate family to Singapore. However, work permit holders don’t have the opportunity to apply for a Dependent’s Pass.

Employee Pass is issued for highly-skilled foreign workers earning SGD5,000 a month. It is open to all nationalities from all around the globe. It is typically given to foreign workers from Singapore-approved Asian countries, including Malaysia, South Korea, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and more. A work permit, as stated above, is issued for semi-skilled workers and doesn’t have any minimum monthly salary requirements.

Ideally, it is best to renew your foreign workers’ permits 7-12 weeks before their expiry. However, if the work permit has expired, you can opt for a late work permit renewal, but fines and penalties may be imposed. Contact us for more information about the different steps to apply for a renewal of expired work permits.

After your work permit expires, you can stay in Singapore for a month or 30 days. Your stay will be considered a “social visit stay” instead of an employee until your employer successfully renews your work permit.