With a thriving economy and lucrative career opportunities, Singapore attracts foreign workers from all over the world. Local companies are also looking for talents from different countries to establish a strong workforce that can help their business grow. With the increase in businesses hiring foreign workers in Singapore, work permit applications are also rising. If you are a company planning to apply for work permits for your overseas staffing, getting a reliable foreign worker agency in Singapore can help cut down your time, effort, and costs in completing all the requirements and forms for a work permit.

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We possess in-depth expertise in Singapore’s work permit regulations. So, working with Nala Employment means that your applications are managed with the utmost professionalism and legal compliance. Our team’s thorough understanding of these regulations streamlines your work permit application process and ensures accuracy and adherence to all requirements.

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Every business is unique, and at Nala Employment, we offer personalised support tailored to meet your specific needs when applying for foreign worker permits. Our dedicated professionals will work closely with your team, ensuring that every aspect of the application aligns with your business goals and workforce requirements.

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What is a Work Permit in Singapore?

A work permit in Singapore is issued to basic or semi-skilled foreign workers who intend to work in the various industries in Singapore. These sectors include the construction, marine shipyard, manufacturing, and processes or services industries. 

Work permits are usually issued by companies that hire Malaysian workers in Singapore. However, non-Malaysian workers are also welcome to apply for a foreign worker permit if they come from a Singapore-approved source country. Work permits are generally issued for those who want to work or are hired for jobs that have entry-level or junior positions.

What are the Requirements for a Work Permit Application in Singapore?

Businesses can apply for their foreign worker’s permit online on their own or through an employment agent. Here are the requirements that foreign workers and employers must prepare:

  • Consent for Application: Foreign workers must provide written consent to apply for a work permit.
  • Vaccination: Another requirement is full vaccination with WHO EUL vaccines.
  • Vaccination Records Verification: Workers need to verify their overseas vaccination records in the National Immunisation Registry (NIR) at a local clinic.
  • Medical Examination: Within two weeks of arrival, workers who are eligible for the Primary Care Plan (PCP) must undergo a medical examination by a Singapore-registered doctor or MOM-appointed Anchor Operator.
  • Levy and Quota: Employers must adhere to the industry quota and pay a monthly levy for each work permit holder, depending on the worker’s skills and the total number employed.
  • Medical Insurance: Free medical insurance is mandatory for all foreign workers.
  • Primary Care Plan: Employers must purchase PCP for workers in dormitories or certain sectors like construction, marine shipyard, and process sectors.
  • Security Bond: A security bond is required for non-Malaysian workers. Employers must ensure bond details are sent to MOM and that the bond is effective upon the workers’ arrival.
  • Settling-in Programme (SIP): For manufacturing sector employers and female CMP workers, you must apply for SIP upon knowing the worker’s arrival date.

How Can I Apply for a Work Permit in Singapore?

Companies hiring foreign workers must apply for work permits on behalf of their employees. However, the work permit application process may be overwhelming, especially if the company has too much on its plate. Seeking assistance from a trusted foreign employment agency in Singapore that offers work permit application services can help your company save time and effort. Here’s how Nala Employment can make the entire process easier for you:

Your journey begins with a thorough consultation. We assess your specific needs and requirements for foreign worker permits, ensuring a tailored approach to your application. Our experts will provide comprehensive pre-application information, setting a clear roadmap for the process ahead.

Our team takes charge of preparing and submitting all necessary paperwork for your work permit application. We handle every detail, from ensuring accurate completion of forms to meeting all legal requirements. This step is crucial in applying for foreign worker permits efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort.

We ensure that your application is fully compliant with the employment regulations set out by the Ministry of Manpower. Our expertise in the field means we are well-versed in the nuances of work permit applications. Besides, we are adept at navigating the complex landscape of legal and procedural requirements.

Once your application is submitted, Nala Employment diligently monitors its progress. We keep you informed at every stage, providing updates and addressing any queries. Moreover, our commitment is to make the process of applying for a work permit as transparent and stress-free as possible.

After the successful approval of the work permit application, we assist in organising the final details for permit issuance. Our team ensures that all necessary steps are completed promptly, culminating in the successful acquisition of the work permit for your foreign employees.

How Long Does it Take for a Work Permit to be Approved in Singapore?

The approval of work permit applications usually takes one week. However, there are instances when it may take up to three weeks during instances when supplemental information about the staff is required. MOM also placed more security and verification measures for checking work permit applications. These stringent cross-checking measures help companies employ the right foreign workers and adopt fair work and employment practices.

How Long Can a Work Permit Holder Work in Singapore?

If you are a foreign worker with a valid working permit in Singapore, you can work in the country for two years. However, it is subject to your passport’s validity, employment period, and the Insurance/Banker’s guarantee, whichever period or basis is shorter. Moreover, you will only be permitted to work for your employer and in the designated profession according to the regulations that apply to you based on your contract.

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Apply for Work Permits with Nala Employment

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Frequently Asked Questions About Singapore Work Permit Application

S-Pass is issued for mid-level technical foreign workers earning a monthly salary of SGD3,150. Work permits are issued to semi-skilled foreign workers with no minimum salary requirements. S-Pass holders can eventually apply for a Dependant’s Pass to bring their immediate family to Singapore. However, work permit holders don’t have the opportunity to apply for a Dependant’s Pass.

Employee Pass is issued for highly-skilled foreign workers earning SGD5,000 a month. It is open to all nationalities from all around the globe. Moreover, it is typically given to foreign workers from Singapore-approved Asian countries, including Malaysia, South Korea, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and more.

As stated above, semi-skilled workers and those who don’t have any minimum monthly salary requirements can apply for a foreign work permit instead of seeking an employment pass application service.

Ideally, it is best to renew your foreign workers’ permits 7-12 weeks before their expiry. However, if the work permit has expired, you can opt for a late work permit renewal, but fines and penalties may be imposed. Contact us for more information about the different steps to apply for a renewal of expired work permits.

Once your work permit has expired and has been cancelled, you can stay in Singapore for 7 to 14 days when you apply for a Special Pass. However, note that you are not allowed to work during this period unless you’ve secured your work permit.

Companies in the construction or process, manufacturing, marine shipyard, and services sectors can apply for a work permit appeal by submitting an industry-specific online form.

Yes, we can assist with work permit renewals. Please contact us to learn about the application process.

The rates for work permit application will depend on your specific requirements, including the industry and the total number of employees. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your work permit requirements.

After the application and issuance of a work permit, we continue to offer extensive post-issuance support to ensure a smooth transition for both employers and employees. Our services include assistance with renewals, guidance on regulatory changes, and prompt resolution of any issues or queries that may arise.

Yes, you can also turn to us for Dependant’s Pass application service in Singapore. If you don’t have an S-Pass or work permit yet, we can also help you secure that as a prerequisite for your Dependant’s Pass.

Yes, we can help apply for a work permit for the foreign worker as long as they are from a Singapore-approved source country. Note that the list of approved source countries varies depending on the sector. To get this information, schedule a consultation with our team.

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