China Worker Employment and Recruitment Agency in Singapore

The need for foreign labour in Singapore has grown over the years, with 1.2 million foreign workers as of 2023, and PRC workers making up a large portion of this number.

At Nala Employment, we provide staffing services for businesses looking to hire China workers in Singapore, helping them find the right talent and labourforce.

Why Hire China Workers for Your Business in Singapore with Us

We are experienced in fulfilling foreign worker recruitment for businesses. Through our agency’s services, clients are able to hire PRC workers that fit their unique requirements. Our team can assist you with hiring PRC workers for temporary and permanent placements, different job position levels, as well as a wide range of industries such as engineeringhealthcare servicesnursingF&B, and others. 

Consultation, hiring, and placement of PRC workers with us is fast and hassle-free. 

We make it a point to follow up on our clients and candidates to ensure that both parties are satisfied. 

Our agency’s recruitment network lets us source for skilled and experienced PRC workers to fit your labour needs.

Optimal Job Opportunities for PRC Workers in Singapore

Nala Employment Agency provides China PRC workers a diverse range of job offers from companies in all kinds of industries, at all types of positions. We partner with these companies to provide skilled PRC workers with plenty of opportunities for career growth, enabling clear job progression and benefits.

Search from a Pool of Talented PRC Workers

As a well-connected PRC recruitment agency, we have the resources to help you find the perfect fit. Our team is experienced in evaluating company culture and job requirements, combing through our diverse network of talented workers to screen viable candidates that best suit your company’s needs. 

PRC Worker Recruitment Process with Nala Employment

To help you hire China workers in Singapore, we first start by understanding your recruitment needs.

Our team will then source for PRC workers that fit the role through our extensive network.

PRC workers will undergo a strict screening and interview process to determine their fit.

We will notify you about the placement outcome of selected PRC workers, and also help you out with documentation matters.

Work Permit Application Services for PRC Workers

Our Work Permit Application Process

Companies will first need to meet a quota before they are allowed to hire PRC work permit holders. After this comes the actual process of permit applications for your PRC workers.

Our team will provide you with pre-application information to ready you for submission of documents for hiring a PRC worker.

We will go through with you the necessary documentation for getting approval of PRC work permit holders meticulously, ensuring that you comply with all legal requirements for recruitment.

We will monitor the work permit application success after it has been submitted. Work permit applications for PRC workers may take around one to three weeks to complete. Rest assured that Nala Employment is here to help you with any additional steps in verification should you encounter them.

After the permit is approved, we will check through to ensure that everything is good to go for permit issuance. Once this is done, you will have successfully completed the application and your staff will be approved as PRC work permit holders. 


Work with a Trusted China Worker Employment Agency in Singapore

From PRC worker sourcing to work permit applications, Nala Employment is a PRC recruitment agency that takes care of the details for you throughout the whole recruitment process.

With us as your partner in hiring China workers, you can rest assured that you will not need to worry about meeting staffing needs, finding the right talent, or missing out on important regulations during hiring or permit applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions About China Worker Employment Agencies in Singapore

You will first need to determine if your business meets the sector-specific quotas for hiring PRC workers. Once you meet the criteria, contact us at Nala Employment and we will walk you through on how to hire a China worker in Singapore. Our agency will help you with talent sourcing and matching, screening and interviewing, and also worker permit applications. 

The hiring process depends on various factors, such as PRC worker candidate availability, and work permit approval time.

Typically, it may take 2-4 weeks for PRC worker sourcing and interviewing, 1-3 weeks for documentation and work permit applications. And another 1-3 weeks for MOM to finish processing the permits.

Yes, Nala Employment can help you with preparing and submitting the documentation for work permit applications. We will work with you closely to ensure permit approval for PRC workers will be successful.

Other than recruitment agency costs, other costs to take note of include medical insurance for the PRC worker, security bonds, and pay a monthly levy per worker.

We are able to provide work permit assistance, PRC worker integration support, and also legal and regulatory guidance for PRC worker relocation.

Yes, our agency can help you source for and process the documentation needed for temporary and permanent hires of PRC workers. With our diverse network and experienced agents, rest assured that your employment of China workers in Singapore will be smooth and fast.

We will ensure that all work permit conditions are met and maintained during the employment period, as well as assist with permit renewal for your PRC work permit holders.

Our team will also routinely follow up on your company and your PRC workers, checking in on job fit, worker conflicts, and also assess if there are any other issues which we may be able to help with. 

If a PRC worker’s job placement does not work out, our team will discuss with you and the worker to find out what is the issue and propose a mutually beneficial solution. We will re-evaluate and source for a replacement PRC worker if necessary.

Our company follows strict guidelines on keeping our clients and PRC workers’ information confidential. This includes confidentiality agreements, data protection policies, selective sharing of information, and secure data management systems. 

Beware of fraudulent activities involving fake recruiters from NalaEmployment asking for sensitive information or money transfers. Do not respond or engage in transactions with such individuals. For any concerns, contact us at 65150250.