If you hold a Long-Term Visitor’s Pass (LTVP) or LTVP+ and are eager to pursue opportunities in a Singaporean company, our team of recruitment professionals is here to assist you with your Letter of Consent application. Count on our dedicated support and guidance as we help you navigate the application process, ensuring a smooth and informed approach to help you secure meaningful employment in Singapore.


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The Letter of Consent is a document issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to grant Long-Term Visitor Pass (LTVP) or LTVP+ holders authorisation to seek employment in Singapore under a Singapore-registered company. Application for this document is available for foreign spouses of Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (PR).


For LTVP/LTVP+ holders to acquire the authorisation document, an employer or appointment employment agent must apply for the Letter of Consent application. Those eligible for the application are the following:

  • Individuals that have an LTVP/LTVP+ and are married to a Singaporean or Permanent Resident. Their LTVP/LTVP+ must also be valid for at least 3 months from the date they apply for the Letter of Consent.
  • An unmarried child (under 21 years old) of a Singaporean or PR, who holds an LTVP.

Additionally, you must also follow these conditions:

  • Have a confirmed job offer from a Singapore employer
  • Not holding a directorial or shareholder role in the company in which you work
  • Work in Singapore without minimum salary requirements and with additional qualifications (other than the ones needed by the employer)

It’s also important to take note of the following:


The following documents are needed for all Letter of Consent applications:

  • Letter of Consent application form
  • Your personal data, including passport and LTVP/LTVP+ details

Additional Documents

Healthcare professionals, lawyers, and regional representatives may be required to submit additional documents.

Your requirements will include:

  • Copy of the approval letter from Enterprise Singapore for setting up the representative office in Singapore
  • The letter from the representative’s office headquarters must contain the following:
    • The purpose of the application
    • The duration of your assignment
    • A guarantee for your repatriation and maintenance

Should you be under the following occupations, you will need supporting documents from the corresponding professional bodies:

OccupationProfessional body
DentistSingapore Dental Council
Diagnostic radiographerAllied Health Professions Council
DoctorSingapore Medical Council
Emergency medical technicianUnit for Prehospital Emergency Care
Football player or coachSport Singapore
LawyerLegal Services Regulatory Authority
NurseSingapore Nursing Board
Occupational therapistAllied Health Professions Council
ParamedicUnit for Prehospital Emergency Care
PharmacistSingapore Pharmacy Council
PhysiotherapistAllied Health Professions Council
Radiation therapistAllied Health Professions Council
Speech therapistAllied Health Professions Council
TCM practitionerTraditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board

A copy of the online page that can be accessed when you scan the QR code on the foodshop licence issued by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is required. The page must have your foodshop licence validity period. However, if you have a new establishment and don’t have a licence yet, you can submit a copy of your “Application for Foodshop Licence” letter issued by the SFA.


When you partner with us for your Letter of Consent document, our professionals will handle the application process for you. Our process includes:

  • Completing the Letter of Consent application and submitting it on the myMOM portal. 
  • Collecting and uploading the required supporting documents with the application
  • Generally, after one to three weeks, depending on your work pass, an update status of your Letter of Consent can be checked at EP e-Service.


Fast-track your Letter of Consent application by working with Nala Employment today.


The duration of the Letter of Consent application process may vary depending on how long the client can provide the necessary requirements for their application. However, generally, once the application is submitted, the Ministry of Manpower will provide an update through the myMOM portal for around one week for LTVP and LTVP+ holders and three weeks for DP holders.

Certainly. If your Letter of Consent application faces an initial rejection, Nala Employment is here to assist. Our dedicated team will meticulously review the reasons for rejection and collaborate closely with you to enhance and strengthen your application, increasing the likelihood of approval.

At Nala Employment, we prioritise the confidentiality of your information throughout the Letter of Consent application process. Our commitment involves implementing stringent measures to safeguard your sensitive data. We strictly adhere to data protection protocols, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to the necessary details. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our service, and you can trust us to handle your LOC application discreetly and professionally.
Should employment circumstances change after the issuance of the Letter of Consent application, we will handle the necessary updates and adjustments or support the client company in doing so. We can help in navigating the regulatory processes to align the Letter of Consent with the altered employment conditions.
Yes, Nala Employment provides Letter of Consent application assistance for a range of nationalities, extending our services beyond our Malaysian candidates to cater to the diverse needs of individuals from various countries.
Following the Letter of Consent application and issuance, Nala Employment continues to offer ongoing support, addressing inquiries and guiding clients through any post-issuance processes, ensuring a seamless employment journey.
The employer or employment agent who processed your application should be the one to cancel your Letter of Consent within one week of your last day of notice. The issuance is immediate unless they are submitting an advance request. Before cancelling, they must seek tax clearance from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and should settle any employment issues you raise, including compensation. Additionally, the submission of a Letter of Consent cancellation request can be up to 14 days in advance.

Beware of fraudulent activities involving fake recruiters from NalaEmployment asking for sensitive information or money transfers. Do not respond or engage in transactions with such individuals. For any concerns, contact us at 65150250.