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At Nala, we help companies find top talents from across the globe. As a leading foreign recruitment agency, we efficiently match companies in Singapore in search of foreign workers with the right candidates. Through our comprehensive job search platform, our recruitment agency in Singapore makes it easier for foreigners to find a job in the country. As Singapore’s leading foreign employment agency, we can narrow down the best possible candidate for the job through our professional recruitment services.

Establish a career with the best companies in Singapore.


We are a job agency that offers job recruitment opportunities for foreigners who want to establish a fulfilling career in Singapore. Our up-to-date job listings make job searches more accessible for foreign workers to select which career opportunity they wish to pursue. With your valuable skill set in mind, our recruitment specialists can assist you in finding a suitable company that fits your calling.

Search from a pool of talented foreign workers.


Companies needing a talented pool of foreign workers can easily find the best candidate for the job through our vast talent database. You’ll be able to select candidates that share the same values, standards, and principles as your company through the assistance of our experienced recruitment professionals. Our foreign worker agency will work on placement solutions to meet your staffing requirements within your given time frame.

About Us


Nala Employment is an award-winning employment agency in Singapore that teams up with companies in the country to offer quality job options for foreigners who want to explore working opportunities in the country. With the help of our exemplary CRM system and dedicated team of recruitment professionals, we can match stellar employees that match the job scopes of businesses. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Foreign Worker Employment Agencies in Singapore

Choose a trusted foreign worker agency to assist you with the hiring process. Experienced employment agencies in Singapore have the right tools and recruitment professionals for companies that want to hire the best foreign workers. Contact Nala Employment for more information on how we can help you.

The length of the recruitment process for foreign workers will depend on the company’s given time frame. For example, if a company wants to hire a foreign worker within a month, the job agency will comply with the deadline and find the best candidate within that time frame.

Nala Employment is a foreign worker agency that provides recruitment and staffing services for foreign workers who want to work in Singapore and companies looking for foreign talents. From the hiring process to the work permit application, we can help make it easier for you and your future employee to get a head start. Our company has a proven track record for discovering a talented pool of foreign workers and matching them to a job where they can fully utilise their skill set.