About Nala

Nala understands the importance of quality workforce to an organization. So it is and has always been NALA’s priority to scout and shortlist personnel that best meet clients’ expectations both locally and regionally.

With NALA taking care of human capital solutions - from understanding clients' requirements to connecting employers with potential candidates to shortlisting candidates to abiding rules and regulations set by authorities, clients can be rest assured to focus on their core business with zero hassle.

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NALA Management Message

Since its humble establishment in 2013 (Singapore) & 2016 (Malaysia), NALA Employment (NALA) has steadily transformed into one of the Singapore's and Malaysia’s leading manpower recruitment agencies under prudent management. Backed by dedicated and best-organised workforces, NALA offers manpower solutions that meet, if not exceed, clients' expectations within time frame deemed most suitable.

NALA believes that employees are the living embodiment of the company's core values. This is why each NALA staff is the testament to the company’s commitment and holds clients’ best interests at heart, leading to the growing clientele who also seek for personnel and professionals that well-reflect the same values.

At NALA, nothing else will provide a great sense of fulfillment than helping clients to grow with quality, reliable workforces. It is NALA's goal to flourish from strength to strength alongside clients to be the nation's manpower recruitment giant and expand into overseas in the near future.


To become a global human capital consultation company.


  • To protect the rights of Human Capital (Employee & Employer).

Core Values

  1. Commitment Towards Excellency
  2. Positive Mindset and Attitude
  3. Integrity in Professional Ethics
  4. Respect Everyone in Equality
  5. Gratitude and Teamwork Recognition